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Cruisair- Breathe Easy Micro-Particle, Anti-Allergenic Air Filters

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 Breathe Easy Micro-Particle, Anti-Allergenic Air Filters
 For Air Conditioning Systems

Breathe Easy air filters:

  • fit StowAway (S*F, S*R) and Zephyr (ZF*) models

  • are designed to capture diesel smoke, dust, lint, bilge odors, and pet dander from your family's environment.

  • have electrostatically charged fibers that attract and retain micro-particles in the air.

  • are rated Merv 7: Seven times more effective than ordinary foam and slide-in mesh screen air conditioning filters at capturing airborne micro-particles not visible to the eye.

  • are easy to install for all types and models of air conditioners.

  • sizes can be customized.

  • Patent Pending.

    Use the data to the right, and the chart below to determine the type of air filter(s) you need.

Model Name Part Number Cruisair A/C Models Width x Height
      (in) (mm)
PF5A 235000600 SXF5, SXF5-1, SHF5, SHF5-1,
ZF5, ZF5-1
7 7/8 x 9 200 x 229
PF7A10A12A 235000601 SXF7, SXF7-1, SHF7,
SHF7-1, SXR7-1, SHR7-1,
SXR10, SHR10, SXR12, SHR12
9 3/8 x 10 238 x 254
PF7B 235000602 SXR7, SHR7 (old style 7K) 8 1/8 x 8 206 x 203
PF10B 235000603 SXF10-1, SHF10-1, ZF10-1 10 7/8 x 10 276 x 254
PF10C12B 235000604 SXF10, SHF10, ZF10, ZF12 11 7/8 x 10 302 x 254
PF12C16A 235000605 SXF12-1, SHF12-1, SXF16-1,
SHF16-1, ZF12-1, SXR16,
SHR16, ZF16-1
10 7/8 x 12 276 x 305
PF12D16B 235000606 SXF12, SHF12, SXF16,
SHF16, SXF18, SHF18, ZF16
11 7/8 x 12 302 x 305
PF24A 235000607 SXF24, SXF24-1,
SHF24, SHF24-1 (special order)
16 3/8 x 16 416 x 406
PF24B 235000608 SX24, SH24 (special order) 15 1/8 x 17 384 x 432
***Note to Customer: Pay close attention to A/C models 10, 12 & 16 and whether or not they have the suffix "-1" or "/1" in the model number. Additionally, unit filters for all 5-16K models with the suffix "-1" and "/1" unit filters are interchangeable with "-2" and "/2" units.

Decide what size you need
Locate the data plate on the air conditioning unit and determine the model number or BTU capacity.

Measure the size of the evaporator face to determine the correct filter size.

air filter drawing

Once you know the filter size, use the chart to the left, to determine your filter model name.

More Detailed Product Information:
L-2223 Breathe Easy Air Filters
L-2395 How to Choose an Air Filter for your Boat

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