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Frigibar Polar Cube & Polar Cub

Compact Refrigeration and Freezer Units

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Polar Cub and Polar Cub+

Polar Cub
Polar Cub 12/24V Condensing Unit

Download Spec Sheet Polar Cub and Polar Cub+ Spec Sheet

Polar Cub and Polar Cub+ is a compact 12/24V packaged condensing unit designed for use in direct expansion refrigeration and freezer units, such as cockpit refrigerators/freezers, and fish boxes. Other popular applications include mezzanine or galley refrigerators/freezers. Packaged units are typically placed remotely and are commonly located in the engine room, lazarette, etc.

Polar Cub and Polar Cub+ offer a convenient conversion option for refrigerating or freezing an existing insulated box on-board any vessel that requires additional cold-storage but does not have a generator.

Polar Cub and Polar Cub+ enclosures are white powder coated aluminum and can be mounted on a bulkhead or horizontal surface. The self-contained units allow for ease of installation with clear access to mounting holes.

Polar Cub and Polar Cub+ units are air-cooled and available with a BD50 compressor in 12/24V (12/24/115V option available) or a BD80 compressor in 12/24V. Units come standard with resealable couplings and an option to mount a directional vent to route warm air exhaust to the desired location. All units use R134a refrigerant. POLAR CUB and POLAR CUB+ units are capable of refrigerating 14 to 21 cubic feet and freezing 5 to 7 cubic feet with proper application and adequately sized evaporator plate (sold separately).

Polar Cube and Polar Cub+ Highlights

  • Packaged 12/24V condensing units for built-in refrigerators/freezers
  • Air-cooled or Water-cooled
  • High capacity condenser and fan
  • Self-contained white powder coated aluminum housings, which can be easily be mounted horizontally, vertically or stacked
  • Polar Cub (BD50) in 12/24V (12/24/115/230V optional) Polar Cub+ (BD80) in 12/24V
  • Designed for easy installation and serviceability
  • Resealable coupling connections
  • Digital thermostats available
  • Complete conversion kits with thermostats and evaporator plates available
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