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Aqua Matic XL Watermaker

Sea Recovery Water Makers

Aqua Matic XL Watermaker from Sea Recovery

Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL
Aqua Matic XL Watermaker System from Sea Recovery

Sea Recovery Parts The Aqua Matic XL watermaker of Sea Recovery functions fully automatic, thanks to the latest technologies. Several system functions don’t require an operator. This makes the watermaker very user-friendly and reliable. With one touch the water production starts or stops, taking almost no time of the yacht’s crew or captain. Contact Tropical Marine today for a quote for a Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL watermaker.

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  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy controlling and monitoring (full color LCD touch screen)
  • Water production: 8300 to 12,000 litres a day
  • Ideal for midsize to large leisure boats and yachts

Model Per Hour Per Day
92 Gal / 347 L
108 Gal / 410 L
117 Gal / 442 L
142 Gal / 536 L
42200 Gal / 8328 L
2600 Gal / 9842 L
2800 Gal / 10599 L
3400 Gal / 12870 L

Fully Automatic Operation

A very time consuming process of most standard watermakers, is adjusting the right pressure to the present water conditions. The automation of this process within the Aqua Matic watermaker proves that Sea Recovery has been focussing on ease of use. Other advantages of the Aqua Matic are the automatic, weekly flush function and the reminder for maintenance. All these automated features, together with the high quality parts used for production, result in a larger reliability. The filtration method of the Aqua Matic, reverse osmosis is based on high pressure and a semi-permeable membrane.

  • Easy, pictogram based operation from the 7 inch full colour touchscreen
  • Remote control and monitoring over wifi (NMEA compliant)
  • System condition overview in clear graphs
  • Automatic pressure regulating system adapting to the inlet water condition
  • Automatic fresh water flush every week
  • Automatic shut down after set time or given water quantity

First Class Mechanical Components

  • Solid state electronic flow meters for visual monitoring of the product water and feed water flow
  • Bar graph Salinity Meter, essential for product water quality monitoring

Very quiet high pressure pump from highly corrosion resistant duplex material (outperforms 316 stainless steel) with fiberglass reinforced High Pressure membrane vessel and short circuit protection, shielded terminals and covered high voltage components for end-user safety.

Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL Drawings
Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL Drawings

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