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Cruisair Cabin Controls- SMX Net/Online Control System

The SMX Net, (SMX Online for Air-Cooled A/C systems), like the SMX II, is a microprocessor-based electronic control system for use with Cruisair Direct Expansion (DX), Tempered Water (TW), and DX Air-Cooled air conditioning systems.

Unlike the SMX II control system, the SMX Net allows multiple air conditioning units to be networked together for central control. Each unit in the network has a unique ID number, allowing you to control any SMX type keypad on your boat from any other SMX keypad, just as if you were there.

SMX Net systems use the state-of-the-art SMXir keypad/display with optional remote, or the SMX Net (SMX Online for Air-Cooled systems) keypad/display which can be retrofitted in the field to replace a electromechanical rotary switch assembly. Additional SMX Net control system features include: outside temperature display, auxiliary (electric) heat control and 2-speed fan control.

Using the optional SMX Net Convenience Panel, you can put all your systems into a preprogrammed day or nighttime mode at the touch of a button. You can lock out one or more air conditioning systems to maintain optimal electrical load control. And when you leave the boat, you can put the systems into a preprogrammed dehumidification mode with a single keystroke.

Many of the SMX Net's factory settings can be changed; customizing the system to best match your personal preferences.

Features Programmable Functions
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Automatic/manual fan speed control
  • Optional 2-speed fan
  • Inside and outside temperature display
  • Dehumidification program
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • High and low refrigerant pressure shutdown
  • Fault display
  • Brightness control
  • Auxiliary (electric) heat control
  • Optional Convenience Panel
  • Choice of 2 keypad/displays
    (SMXir and SMX Net)
  • Optional remote (SMXir keypad only)
  • Factory memory reset
  • High and low fan speed adjustment
  • Compressor time delay
  • Compressor response differential
  • Fan response differential
  • Continuous/intermittent fan
  • Temperature calibration
  • Line voltage calibration
  • Dehumidification cycle
SMX Control
SMX Net(Online) Systems Use SMXir & SMX Net(Online) Keypad/Displays

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For more product specific information, click on a Specification Sheet PDF below:
L-2088 DX SMX II/Net Systems - SMXir Keypad
L-2089 TW SMX II/Net Systems - SMXir Keypad
L-2090 SMX II/Online Systems
For Installation & Operation instructions, click on a Manual PDF below:
L-0503 DX SMX NET AC Control Installation
L-0634 DX SMX NET AC Control Operation
L-0650 TW SMX NET AC Control Operation
L-0634 (LP-12) SMX II/Online Install./Oper. w/ Addendum





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