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Technicold Marine Air Conditioning Controls

Technicold Air Conditioning

TECHNICOLD Yacht Marine Air Conditioning FX Digital Environmental Controls

TECHNICOLD® FX Digital Environmental Control is much more than an air conditioning temperature control. This user friendly menu selectable control with 15 function programs lets the boat owner tailor the air conditioning system to meet individual requirements. For normal operation all that is required is to push the power button, set the desired temperature, sit back and enjoy. The internal computer maintains cooling or heating as needed to maintain the temperature while automatic monitoring and self-diagnostic systems function. The dehumidify control mode makes environment maintenance a breeze, helping to ensure the boat owner a dry, odorless boat even while unattended.

An attractive display panel with LED lights provides a visual display of the current temperature, programming and fault messages. As light conditions change in the cabin an automatic dimmer sensor adjusts the panel display brightness.

TECHNICOLD® FX Digital Environmental Control design for simplicity of operation is only matched by its simplicity of installation. The control essentially consists of the display panel and power control module, which are easily connected with phone-type polarized plug connectors. The condenser sensor and optional temperature sensor are connected to the main powerboard in the same manner. A terminal strip on the control box makes for quick connection to most any marine air conditioning system.


Panel air sensor or remote air sensor
Light bar for fan speed
Easy to read temperature display
Automatic display dimmer sensor
Static indicator light
All cable shielded and grounded to protect
against interference
Remote condenser temperature sensing
User friendly operation & programming
Available 115V 50/60 or 230V 50/60
Easy connection using polarized plugs
All circuit boards protective conformal coated for corrosion
Optional outside air sensor


115 VAC 50/60 Hz
230VAC 50/60 Hz


Set Point Temperature 55º - 85ºF
Display Temperature 0º - 150ºF
Air Sensor Temperature 0º - 150ºF


15 mode menu selectable programming
Dehumidify control mode
Multiple fan speed selection
Adjustable fan speed selection
Compressor start delay 15 to 90 seconds
Temperature display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
Temperature calibration
Pump and fan cycling option
Adjustable condensing temperature
Adjustable low voltage protection
Selectable fault option


Display Panel 4.125"W x 4.625"H x 1.0"D
Cut Out 3.25"W x 3.75"H
Module Assy. 6.25"W x 7.0"H x 2.0"D



Remote Air Sensor Cable
Outside Temperature Control
(Standard length 7', longer cables available)

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