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Split-Gas Air Conditioning
For Boats Up to 24 Meters (80 Feet)

Split air conditioning systems have the condensing unit and air handler installed in different locations.

  • The condensing unit is mounted in the engine room or other mechanical space.
  • The air handler (also called the evaporator) is installed in the living area. Two air handlers can connect to one condensing unit.
Split systems are found on boats up to 24 meters (80 feet), limited only by the number of condensing units that will fit and by the 15 meter (50 foot) maximum length of copper tubing between the condensing unit and air handler.

Split system advantages:
  • Less space needed in the living area for the air handlers.
  • Quieter because the compressor is in the engine room.
  • A wide selection of air handler types.
CoolBreeze Air Conditioners CoolBreeze
You're Cool On Deck With Jets of Chilled Air

CoolBreeze provides an efficient, compact solution for generating cool air outside the living space by cooling the people not the area. Enhance your enjoyment of outdoor dining areas, lounge areas, and sport-fishing decks while CoolBreeze's directional jets blow chilled air right on you. To maintain your yacht's aesthetic appeal, CoolBreeze uses rigid, small-diameter ducts that are easily hidden. The only visible parts of the system are the one-inch directional jets that concentrate the chilled air into high-velocity streams that cool the people at whom they are aimed.
Click for PDF CoolBreeze Air Conditioners Specs.

EBDE Series R-410A Evaporators EBDE Series R-410A Evaporators
Multi-Ton Evaporating Units for Split-Gas A/C Systems

EBDE series evaporators are draw-through, ductable cooling and heating units with variable speed blower and enclosed in an insulated aluminum housing with integrated condensate drain pan. EBDE units are designed to be installed in a cabinet or other enclosed space with discharge air ducted to grilles high in the cabin. EBDE models are available in capacities from 30,000 to 72,000 BUT/hr, and can be used with Cruisair Emerald R-410A condensing units. 230V/60Hz models are standard, but 50Hz models are available by special order.
Click for PDF EBDE Series R-410A Evaporators Specs.

EBE Series R-410A Evaporators EBE Series R-410A Evaporators
The New Standard In High-Performance Evaporators

Compact EBE split evaporators are draw-through, ductable cooling units with reverse-cycle heating. Featuring a rotatable, high-efficiency permanent split capacitor (PSC) blower in which the motor is concealed, EBE series evaporators are available in capacities from 6K to 36K BTU/hr. EBHE units have electric heat. The EBE Series was designed for installation low in a closet, cabinet, or other enclosed space, with discharge air ducted to one or more grilles high in the cabin.
Click for PDF EBE Series R-410A Evaporators Specs.

EBLE Low-Profile Series Evaporators EBLE Low-Profile Series Evaporators
Dual-Blower Units for Height-Restrictive Spaces

Cruisair's EBLE low-profile, dual-blower series of ductable evaporators are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations. Available in capacities from 12,000 to 36,000 BTU/hr, EBLE units are designed for installations where there is limited vertical space, such as beneath a seat or bunk or in overhead spaces. Standard EBLE units consist of a low-profile coil mounted on a deep drain pan with two high-efficiency permanent split capacitor (PSC) blowers drawing air across the coil. The variable-speed blower motors are internal to reduce noise and depth. EBLEP models have an insulated return-air plenum for overhead applications. EBHLE models have auxiliary electric heat and are available with insulated return-air plenum (EBHLEP models).
Click for PDF EBLE Low-Profile Series Evaporators Specs.

Emerald Series Condensers Emerald Series Condensers
Innovative Chassis Conquers Installation Challenges

After listening to boat builders, global service teams, and boat owners, Dometic marine HVAC engineers designed the totally innovative Emerald Condenser Series to harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A refrigerant while meeting all international clean air standards.
Click for PDF Emerald 6K-16K Condensers Specs.
Click for PDF Emerald Multi-Ton Condensers Specs.
Modulating DX Evaporators Modulating DX Evaporators
Ductable Cooling-Only Units

EMB and EHMB are ductable cooling units with built-in refrigerant solenoid valves and high-efficiency blowers. They are used with RM modulating condensing units, which allow up to five independent temperature-controlled zones on one condenser. They are designed to be installed low in a closet or cabinet, with discharge air ducted to grills high in the cabin. Units are available in capacities from 4,000 to 16,000 Btu/hr.
Click for PDF Modulating DX Evaporators Specs.
R Series Condensers R Series Condensers
With High Efficiency Compressors

R-type marine HVAC condensing units are seawater-cooled, reverse-cycle heat pumps for cooling and heating in marine applications. These condensing units can be installed with up to 2 cooling units, where the total capacity is equal to the condensing unit capacity. Units can be installed in the vessel's engine room or other mechanical space, and are not affected by moisture, normal vibration, or ambient temperatures up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C). No ventilation is required. Three different models are available to accommodate different types of controls. "R" uses the 3-knob rotary switch assembly. "RX" uses the SMX II digital control. "RN" uses the SMX Net digital control.
Click for PDF 5K-16K Units Spec.
R Series Condensers REU Evaporating Units
With High Efficiency Blowers

REU remote evaporators are draw-through, ductable cooling units with rotatable, variable-speed blowers and integral water-displacing condensate pans. Featuring a high-efficiency permanent split capacitor (PSC) blower in which the motor is concealed, the REU series is available in capacities from 4-16K BTU/hr (20, 24, 30, and 36k units use a shaded pole motor). The REU series was designed for installation low in a closet, cabinet, or other enclosed space, with discharge air ducted to one or more grilles high in the cabin. One or two evaporators can be used with a single condensing unit of matched capacity. Please contact the Applications department for assistance in design prior to installation.
Click for PDF R Series Condensers Specs.
RM Modulating Condensing Units RM Modulating Condensing Units
Capable of Cooling 5 Zones

The new RM model remote modulating condensing units are the next generation of direct-expansion, cooling-only air conditioning units designed to run multiple cooling units (evaporators) with up to five independent zones. Models are available in capacities of 24, 30 & 42,000 BTU/Hr. Total cooling unit capacity should be within 15% of the condensing unit capacity. The RM Series' high-efficiency compressors deliver full capacity even under heavy loads. The newly designed, one-piece electrical box with 3' (1m) cable can be remote mounted simply by removing one screw. Additional service ports have been added for ease of charging and servicing. The one-piece chassis/pan has two new drain locations. New style hold-down brackets secure all four corners and allow for easier installation and removal.
TurboVap DX Evaporator Series TurboVap DX Evaporator Series
Reduced Size, Noise & Amperage

The TurboVap Series of direct expansion (DX) split-system evaporators is based on the revolutionary engineering advancements of the award-winning Turbo self-contained air conditioning system. Featuring a rust-free molded composite drain pan, condensate water is rapidly removed at one of two easy-to-plumb drain locations. The pan also has innovatively designed anti-slosh ridges and positive-flow channels to ensure condensate does not spill even in the roughest seas. TurboVap evaportors work with R-417A, R-22, and Emerald R-410A condensers.
Click for PDFTurboVap 410A Specs.
Click for PDFTurboVap 417A/R22 Specs.

For product drawings, click on a Drawing Model below:
Split-Gas Air Conditioning

SMX Controls SMX Controls Self-Contained Systems Use SMX Series Controls

For Guidelines on selecting or maintaining your boat's AC system, click on a PDF below:

L-0854A Guidelines for Selecting Air Conditioning For Your Boat

For ARCHIVED product specific information, click on a Specification Sheet PDF below:

Remote Cooling & Heating Models

L-2365 RE (4,000-36,000 BTUs)
  REU (4,000-16,000 BTUs)
L-0205 EBO (4,000 - 36,000 BTUs)
L-2085 EBU (5,000 - 20,000 BTUs)
L-0193 EBOH (20,000 - 48,000 BTUs)
L-0717 EBL, EBLP Low Profile
  (12,000 - 36,000 BTUs)
L-0204 EBS (12,000 - 16,000 BTUs)
L-0980 EBD (30,000 - 72,000 BTUs)
L-0237 Twin Blower (12,000 & 16,000 BTUs)
L-0453 ESS & EDS (12,000 - 30,000 BTUs)
  Overhead Models

Remote Condensing Unit Models

L-2431 Type R (5,000 - 16,000 BTUs)
L-2360 Type R (20,000 - 48,000 BTUs)
L-0200 Type F (5,000 - 16,000 BTUs)
L-0194 Type F (20,000 - 60,000 BTUs)
L-0254 Type J (5,000 - 16,000 BTUs)

Remote Accessories

L-0815 Variable Speed Drive (3 amp & 6 amp)
L-0242 Seawater Pumps (250 - 10,800 gph)
L-0373 Pump Relays
L-0239 Aluminum, Wood, & Plastic Grills
L-0859 Plenums & Mounting Frames
L-0735 Auxiliary Heat Options

Modulating System Models & Accessories

L-2366 RM Condensing Units
L-0954 EMB & EHMB Cooling & Heating Units
L-0956 Accessories

Commercial Application

L-0988 Dehumidification System

For Installation & Operation instructions, click on a Manual PDF below:


L-2086 Remote & Self-Contained Installation & Operation
L-0952 Modulating Installation & Operation
L-2362 DX SMX II/SMXIIAB-SMXht-SMXir Operation
L-2382 DX SMX II/SMXIIAB-SMXht-SMXir Installation
L-0503 SMX NET AC Control Installation
L-0634 SMX NET AC Control Operation

Alternate Refrigerants

L-2270 Guidelines for Charging Systems with Alternate Refrigerants


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